dust1 W3S3 [dʌst] n [U]
[: Old English;]
1.) dry powder consisting of extremely small bits of dirt that is in buildings on furniture, floors etc if they are not kept clean
All the furniture was covered in dust .
a thick layer of dust
There's not a speck of dust in the kitchen.
gather/collect dust
(=become covered with dust)
Her old trophies were collecting dust on the shelves.
Dust particles floated in the sunlight.
A sudden breeze sent motes of dust (=small bits of dust) dancing in the air.
2.) dry powder consisting of extremely small bits of earth or sand
The wind was blowing dust and leaves up from the ground.
A car sped past in a cloud of dust .
3.) powder consisting of extremely small bits of a particular substance
coal/brick/chalk etc dust
4.) a dust
BrE the act of dusting something
I need to give the sitting room a dust .
5.) let the dust settle/wait for the dust to settle
to allow or wait for a confused situation to become clear
bite the dust atbite1 (8), ↑dusty
leave sb in the dust atleave1 (15)
not see sb for dust atsee1 (36)
dust 2
dust2 v
1.) [I and T]
to clean the dust from a surface by moving something such as a soft cloth across it
Rachel dusted the books and the bookshelves.
I was dusting in the bedroom when the phone rang.
2.) also dust down
dust off [T]
to remove something such as dust or dirt from your clothes by brushing them with your hands
He got to his feet and dusted his knees.
dust yourself (down/off)
Corbett dusted himself down and walked off.
3.) [T]
to put a fine powder over something
dust sth with sth
Dust the biscuits with icing sugar.
dust off [dust sth<=>off] phr v
1.) to remove something such as dust or dirt from your clothes by brushing them with your hands
They were dusting off leaves and twigs.
dust yourself off
He got to his feet and dusted himself off.
2.) to get something ready in order to use it again, after not using it for a long time
The government is dusting off schemes for supporting creative industries.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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